Sunday, June 26, 2011


PG&E has threatened to widely and quickly install 'smart' meters in Santa Cruz County starting TOMORROW (Monday) morning, in violation of local laws, and a consensus amongst all 5 elected local governments that the wireless "smart" meter mesh network is not safe, violates your privacy, threatens your health and is not welcome in our community.  Santa Cruz County is one of the few remaining locations in the state without widespread 'smart' meter deployments and thus- one of the only places left for electrically injured people to go.   
Carpools are being organized from elsewhere in the state to come to Santa Cruz and help support a blockade of the illegal Wellington Energy/ PG&E yard in Pleasure Point, close to the beautiful Monterey Bay.  if you need a ride, or can offer one, or if you can offer a place to stay in the County,  please contact us at 
It's possible that demonstrations will be continuing all week.  If you can join these or support them in any way, you'd be welcome.
1. Come to 38th Ave. and Portola near 41st Ave. in Capitola.  TOMORROW morning at 7am, ready to demand that PG&E and their contractors respect local laws.  Bring signs, noisemakers, etc.
2. If you can't come, CALL others who may live closer to show up.
3. Facebook, tweet, e-mail your friends, neighbors--knock on doors-  you can link to our site or send them the attached flyer
4. Support the efforts of Stop Smart Meters! with whatever you can afford- our legal, copying, printing and outreach budget is getting stretched these days!! Hundreds of small donations are what keep us going! See: 
5. Send a letter to your local media, and let them know what's going on. Ask why World Health Organization cancer warnings aren't halting the 'smart' meter program.
Full details and photos of trucks ready to deploy tomorrow morning:
Capitola- Despite virtual unanimity amongst all local governments in Santa Cruz County, ordinances in Capitola, Watsonville and the unincorporated parts of the County, a groundswell of popular opposition, a growing commitment to civil disobedience to stop the rollout of “smart” meters, and a threat from the County Counsel that the Sheriff is poised to enforce the law, PG&E and their contractors Wellington Energy have moved back into Santa Cruz, readying dozens of trucks to roll out first thing Monday morning, bringing to a head months of debate and a growing alarm about the number of reports of health problems following installations elsewhere.
According  to sources inside PG&E, the company has “shock and awe” plans to deploy  in Santa Cruz in “blitzkrieg” style, forcing hundreds of installation trucks throughout the community to complete installation within weeks.
Activists in Santa Cruz have called for an emergency community protest and blockade Monday morning June 27th 7am at the corner of 38th Ave and Portola in Capitola. They are encouraging people to spread the word widely, to bring signs, leaflets, noisemakers, and your anger at PG&E for forcing a dangerous device onto people and wildlife of California.  Smart meters emit radiation that has been linked by the World Health Organization to cancer.  They allow unprecedented privacy violations within the home.  They have also been linked with a number of fires and explosions.  And that’s just the beginning….
Stop Smart Meters! made the following statement this morning:
“Communities as a whole- not just individuals- have the right to decide for themselves whether to take the risk of accepting 22,000 radiation spikes per day from every meter in our neighborhoods- radiation that is far stronger that common household devices like cell phones according to independent experts.   We don’t recognize the authority of PG&E and the CPUC to force ‘smart’ meters (what even the World Health Organization has now accepted as a cancer risk) on the community against our will, and against the will of our elected officials.  If PG&E is unwilling to accept the will of the community, then the community will give them a fight if that’s what they want.  The people will do what it takes to keep ‘smart’ meters out of the County. “
Thanks and See you in Pleasure Point tomorrow bright and early
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Joshua Hart
Director, Stop Smart Meters!

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