Monday, February 21, 2011

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Are “Smart” Meters Really Smart?

PG&E would certainly like you to think so.   If you haven’t heard, the company plans to install 625,000 wireless ‘smart’ meters in San Francisco over the course of the next year.   To date, 27 local governments throughout California have demanded a halt to the rollout, citing concern over health impacts from the powerful microwave signals, a pattern of inaccuracies and overcharging, and privacy violations.  Marin, Santa Cruz, and Mendocino Counties, and the cities of Fairfax, Watsonville, Rio Dell, and Capitola have gone so far as to actually criminalize installation of the meters.

Concern about significantly increasing levels of wireless in our environment has been driving the controversy.   Just as we are learning more about the link between cell phones and brain tumors, does it really make sense to roll out the same technology to every home in California with no right to opt out?  A recent independent study shows that ‘smart’ meters actually violate FCC limits on safe human exposure to microwave radiation.   Our organization continues to receive dozens of reports of headaches, sleeplessness, tinnitus, and other symptoms from places where the meters have been installed.

Remember this is the PG&E and the CA Public Utilities Commission that brought us the San Bruno disaster.  We recommend you contact the board of supervisors, the governor and refuse installation.

Joshua Hart is the Director of Stop Smart Meters! For more information, go to

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