Monday, March 7, 2011

Demand an Immediate Moratorium.

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  1. This is a program from UN Agenda 21. Domestic spying, remote monitoring, energy reduction, and the possibility of having your gas and electricity shut off remotely—all by design. Read this blog post from

    OK, so forget about the health issues if you’re so sure it’s no problem. But think about this:

    Smart Meters can be remotely turned off. From the office. No need to come to your home.

    Not worried about it? Why not? The way things are going everyone’s suspect these days. Acting a bit strange? Investigation needed. Maybe someone will want to shut your electricity and gas off in the middle of the night–

    Paranoid? Nope. And how about this: The meter monitors the type of appliance or electronics you’re using, for how long, and where it is in your home. Privacy important to you? Don’t care?

    Then think about this. Why does the gas/electric company need to know when you’re using your whatever? They say it’s because you’ll have fun monitoring your usages. But you don’t need them for that. No. YOU know when you’re using your whatever. THEY don’t.

    New appliances are about to be rolled out in 2012 that have chips in them that will communicate with your meter. They will require special sockets—installation necessary if you want a new appliance. No new fridge without a smart meter.

    They will sell the information to manufacturers. They will share the information with law enforcement. They will remotely shut you down if they wish. They will monitor your usage, charge you for what they perceive as ‘over usage’ and limit your access to energy. They can selectively regulate usage. They may be able to monitor other activity as yet undefined. We don’t know all the reasons why they are spending so much money to replace your meter. Speculation runs across the spectrum. The power company has said that you won’t be able to get power without a smart meter. Why is this such a vital part of their program?

    And that’s without any discussion about health. Get with it. Don’t be a chump. REFUSE SMART METERS.

    It’s another program brought to you by UN Agenda 21.